Children are you fascinated by CSI? Are you looking for practical and interactive forensic sessions that show you how science works in the real world? Join in and hone your skills as a Crime Scene Investigators.
Our Mission

Bringing Forensics to the young world


The CSI: Fun With Forensics is a fun and exciting, hands-on, program that teaches children between the ages of 9- 14 the skills and methods used by forensics scientists, crime scene technicians and detectives to solve real (age-appropriate) crimes.

Activities include: What does a Crime Scene Investigator do? Can you find the clues and solve the crime?

This workshop will use real crime scene strategies such as: fingerprinting, shoeprints and teeth impression to crack the case.

Participants will use their skills, knowledge and abilities as well as science and critical thinking to examine evidence left at the scene

We also all year round forensic workshops on various topics like:
Handwriting analysis and questionable documents
Bite marks, tool marks, and tire impressions
Blood spatter pattern analysis
Paint chip analysis
Soil analysis
And much more. If you want to watch more information 9819288253

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